64JPX - JoyPad eXpander (limited re-run) (fwd)

Date 1-Jul-2012 22:12:11
Topic: Hardware News

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From: Nicholas Coplin
Date: Jun 29, 9:25 pm

64JPX is now available again for sale from the www.64hdd.com website. This is a limited re-run; many thanks to those who pre-ordered to help make the re-run possible.

For those who haven't been following developments, 64JPX is a micro based interface which allows connection of Sega, SNES, NES and/or PC analog controllers to be used with Commodore, Amiga, and Atari-compatible systems.

In addition to doing the signal conversion and protecting the C64 port, the interface offers a number of "enhancement" modes tailored to various game genre.

http://www.64hdd.com/64jpx/ has all the info.


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