A Virtual Amiga Multimedia Player

Date 1-Jul-2012 22:11:15
Topic: software OS4

This multimedia player is programmed with Hollywood and it is with part of
source code from Andreas Falkenhahn examples to VideoPlayer and AnimPlayer, I
make this little tool to demonstrates the multimedia options of this programming
language it isn't a substitute of other best videoplayers but almost.

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VAMP display the next multimedia formats:

* Amiga Anim formats: anim-anim5-ham6-ham8

* MovieSetter format.

* Gif anims.

* Show pictures: jpg, png, gif, lbm, bmp, svg.

* Video formats tested: avi-mov-mpeg-mpg-wmv-flv-mp4.

0.40 (30.6.2012)
- Drop files on the player available.
- Fixed played gif files with little screen size.

0.30 (14.6.2012)
- This Guide.
- Fixed one bug in status bar.
- Added mute button.
- Added keyboard functions. Pause, Information and About.

0.25 (8.6.2012)
- Fixed visual problems with big pictures biggest than the ScreenMode.
- Added Information button.

0.20 (14.5.2012)
- Added show pictures.

0.10 (18.4.2012)
- Initial release.

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