New Wazp3D release (Beta53), now supports Hurrican !

Date 2-Jul-2012 8:57:35
Topic: software OS4

Alain Thellier continues his work on his software rendering of Warp3D.

With this new version of Wazp3D, OS4 Compositing 2D renderer has been enhanced and games such as Aquaria and Hurrican can now be played by Sam460 / AmigaOne 500 / AmigaOne X1000 users with Radeon HD cards.

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New is this version (Beta 53):

o Now bufferize W3D_DrawTriangle/Line/Points so badly written apps that use those slow
functions are faster now (need Renderer:hard + Use StateTracker ON)
(typically StormMesa apps on WinUAE like GleXcess,Cube... )
o Enhancements for PPC version Renderer:Compositing2D
Fix: Was crashing if several tasks use Renderer:Compositing2D (Blender)
Patch: remove repeated texturing (wallpaper) as CompositeTags() dont support them (Quake)
Some other transparency effects are now supported (GleXcess,Turrican,etc...)
Use "Force IndirectMode:ON" & "Use StateTracker:ON" for better performances
(But Blender need "Force IndirectMode:OFF" + "Renderer:Soft to bitmap")
Now Turrican,Giddy,FPSE,Aquaria works
o Now Maximum screen size is 2560x2560 ( allow a 1280 double height screen)
o Bug fix about textures structures not freed

Usage (for AmigaOS 4):

o Copy Wazp3D.library-ppc (or Wazp3.library-altivec for G4 and A1-X1000 users) to LIBS:
o Rename Warp3D.library to War3D.library-save
o Rename Wazp3D.library-ppc (or Wazp3D.library-altivec) to Warp3D.library
o Copy Wazp3D-Prefs-ppc to SYS:Prefs

Prefs are saved for each program (in their own drawer) and read when launched.

You can see an optimal configuration of Wazp3D (Hurrican and Aquaria work ok with this configuration) HERE. Do not hesitate to try other configurations (hint : delete wazp3.cfg when you want to change settings since it seems they are not taken in account otherwise).

Note for Hurrican : there is no transparency in water so do not hesitate to blast everything before going in it

Download Wazp3D Beta 53 from Aminet.

Please, if you enjoy Wazp3D and want to thank Alain for all the wotk he has put in this jewel, send him a postcard of your town/region to M Thellier Alain, 43 rue Ordener, 75018 Paris, FRANCE.

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