AmigaOS Programming Seminar 2012 Details

Date 12-Jul-2012 14:36:53
Topic: Events

Yesterday evening Brian Deneen announced the final details for the AmigaOS programming seminar to be held at AmiWest 2012.


The first AmiWest AmigaOS4 Programming Seminar will be held October 18-19, 2012 in conjunction with AmiWest 2012! The seminar will be led by the AmigaOS lead developer, Steven Solie, along with other Amiga programmers.

The goal of the seminar, according to Solie, is to motivate participants to leave "wanting to code something" for AmigaOS. The language basis will be the ubiquitous "C" programming language. The seminar grew out of the need for more current Amiga software. Of course, using "C" as the base language means that programs could also be compiled for other, Amiga-like platforms, such as MOS and others, as well as classic Amiga OS versions, presuming that compilers are still available for versions before OS4.

Of course, in two days, our leaders, no matter how brilliant, can teach both basic "C" programming and how that language is used in the Amiga context.

Complete details are available on the seminar web site. Topics to be covered, costs, etc. are all detailed therein. Of course you can't attend the seminar without making your way out to Sacramento this October for AmiWest 2012! the latest is always available on the amiwest blog.

See you there!

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