AmiPad 2.0

Date 14-Jul-2012 20:32:16
Topic: software OS4

My Hollywood app designed for AmigaOS4 owners, this is AmiPad. Basically I realized that a lot of these so called apps on these tablets devices are just web site powered apps with fancy icons, so that started me think what useful HMTL5 apps and web site could i find that work on Amiga web browsers, so here is version 2.0.

Version 2.0 Features :-
- Completely Rebuilt to fix certain issues
- No more black out flicking when in use
- Handy quick right click scroll through the web apps
- White or Black Border Design
- Information / about bar
- New and improved Icons (by TommySammy)
- iPad inspired design and animation
- 36 Quick Internet links
- Useful and Fun HTML5 powered apps
- All sites tested and proven working on OS4.1 with MUI-OWB 1.9 on an X1000.

More at:-

Youtube vid 1
Youtube vid 2

Download from Os4 depot

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