Hacking challenge appears to have been damp squid

Date 7-Jul-2003 10:27:01
Topic: Announcement

The so-called hacker challenge which was supposed to result in mass defacement of web pages on July 6 appears to have been something of a damp squib.

US security firm Internet Security Systems claimed last week that malicious attackers planned to deface thousands of web sites on July 6 in a loosely coordinated "contest" that could disrupt internet traffic.

ISS also claimed that it had received "credible information" about planned attacks and had already detected surveillance probes by attackers looking for weaknesses in corporate and government networks.

The US Department of Homeland Security promptly took up the war-cry and issued a warning to all and sundry.

Security company Symantec said today that although there had been a slight increase in port 80 (the standard port on which web server software listens) activity, it was not statistically significant.

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