Hollywood For Cubic 5.0 released

Date 14-Jul-2012 23:09:48
Topic: software OS4

I am pleased to announce that I released the new version of my CubicIDE add on called "Hollywood For Cubic" (hw4c). You can find the download at the project page under https://code.google.com/p/hw4c/


This release includes:

- Full support for Hollywood 5.0
- all code patterns like Swi. or Blo. can now be written in lower case like swi. or blo. (suggested by p-OS)
- List all installed Hollywood plug-ins (LIBS:Hollywood) in explorer window on right side (4th tab)
- Additional options in toolbar and Hollywood menu to start program with resource monitor
- Extended mouse context menu with functionality to comment and un-comment blocks
- updated HWCC to support new compiling platforms
- and some more small bug-fixes and improvements

Special thanks to Andreas Falkenhahn for tests and valuable hints.

I know that there are still some feature requests of users pending - I am working on that!

I am thankful for suggestions and bug reports.

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