Icaros 1.4.5 - now with support for classic applications!

Date 18-Jul-2012 22:26:32
Topic: software AROS

Version 1.4.5 of the popular AROS distribution Icaros Desktop has been released. Biggest news for this release are the initial support for M68K integration, the inclusion of Hurrican, Cinnamon Writer, Ignition and many others.


M68K integration is a little great milestone for Icaros Desktop. Even if not yet fully-functional, the new extension to AmiBridge already allow running most classic desktop applications for the Amiga™ computer without the need of its boot ROMs and original OS anymore. Classic software is handled by AROS itself, compiled for the Motorola 68000 processor, running in coherency mode under Janus-UAE with JIT. Purists will still be able to integrate Amiga Forever for better results, however this initial release already shows the strength and potential of AROS M68K.

Cinnamon Writer is a fully Amiga-NG oriented application available for both AmigaOS 4.1 and AROS, while Hurrican is an amazing action-packed remake of the classic Turrican game from Rainbow Arts. People who loved programming games on Amiga with AMOS will be happy to find both AMOS Pro and XAMOS included into the distribution. For more information, screen-shots and download links, just visit Icaros website at:


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