Commodore Vegas Expo looms near

Date 19-Jul-2012 11:17:56
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Attendees are packing their bags, presenters are practicing their speeches, vendors are prepping their goods, exhibitors are readying their equipment... all in preparation for the July 28-29 Commodore Vegas Expo v8. The CommVEx website at has been updated with the latest information.

CommVEx is packed with at least 21 presentations, videos, and game competitions. In those presentations, three new hardware prototypes will premiere; Jim Drew, hardware copy-protection master, will show off his prototypes of Supercard Pro, an item he professes to be superior to Kryoflux; a prototype of a C128 add-on board from BIT-C= will be demonstrated; and a new, user-port C64 prototype board from the Portland Commodore User Group will also be presented. In those presentations, one new C64 game will be shown by the programmer who has worked years and years on it.

CommVEx has vendors -- Jim Scabery from Oregon, Jim Drew from Nevada, Tim Waite from California, Lenard Roach from Kansas, and the local Clark County Commodore Computer Club -- selling Commodore and Amiga hardware, software, books, and magazines.

CommVEx has the exhibits -- PET computers, VIC-20, Plus/4, C128s, SX-64s, B128, P500, classic Amigas, and OS 4.1.x Amigas, and more. Attendees are bringing in their Turbo Chameleon 64s, Rear Admiral Thunderdrive, CMD FD drives and CMD HDs, SD2IEC/uIEC/IDE64, CommodoreOne, and SuperCPUs.

CommVEx has the prizes -- raffle prizes for the price of a raffle ticket, door prizes for lucky attendees, and freebies for all.

CommVEx has the hotel -- the Las Vegas Club Hotel, third floor, Left Field Room (use the North Elevators for the easiest access), 18 Fremont St., downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.

As usual, we'll be setting up the showroom on Friday night. If you are around, come and join us on this unofficial third day of CommVEx. As usual, we'll have Saturday night dinner at the fabulous Garden Court Buffet in the nearby Main St. Hotel & Casino. As usual, after the showroom is cleared out on Sunday night, we'll have a final dinner (last year it was at the nearby California Hotel & Casino).

It is too, too much Commodore and Amiga! But can it really be too much? Nah! For your fill of Commodore and Amiga, come to CommVEx!

Robert Bernardo
organizer - Commodore Vegas Expo v8

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