patch for Icaros Desktop 1.4.5 enables NTFS and more

Date 27-Jul-2012 19:27:30
Topic: software AROS

Patch 01 for Icaros Desktop 1.4.5 has been released. This little update does the following:

- adds support to NTFS partitions (read only, may be slow with crowded drawers)
- fixes audio hi-fi modes for ESS1375/SB128 cards (and VMware)


- updates cmi8738 audio driver too
- fixes Amiga 1200 configuration file for AmiBridge (setting AGA instead of ECS)
- fixes configuration selection for new ADFs in AmiBridge (A1200 and A500+ now correctly handled)
- updates kernel and library files to July 26th, 2012 nightly build
- updates GMA driver (now handles screens of different resolutions on selected chipsets)
- adds hdaudio driver modified by Joni Valtanen to support IDT 92HD75B codec (Compaq Mini 700)

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