New releases of Hurrican and Wazp3D

Date 31-Jul-2012 12:18:11
Topic: software OS4

The French Amiga Team produly presents a new release of Hurrican along a new version of Wazp3D.

Indeed, Hugues 'HunoPPC' Nouvel and Alain Thellier have worked together in order to give you the opportunity to play this new release of Hurrican on any AmigaOS 4.1 computer.

This new version of Hurrican ( adds some new features (ScreenSaverEngine is now disabled when playing, code has been cleaned up, a sprite menu selector has been added,...) and is provided with a Waz3D configuration file for Amigans using Radeon HD cards.

Regarding Wazp3D, Compositing2D rendering has been enhanced and now supports transparency (you can now see in water and menus are highlighted) and adds a basic points/lines drawing. Other games will also benefit from this new release.

Hurrican is in the upload queue of OS4Depot at the moment.

You can get Wazp3D Beta 53.2 on Aminet

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