A.H.I.W. v1.30 released

Date 6-Aug-2012 20:12:28
Topic: Software News

A.H.I.W. is a program created with Hollywood 5 for AmigaOS 3.5-3.9, AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS 2.7-3.x, and Windows XP-Vista-7.

A.H.I.W. is an easy program to handle your pictures to use on your web page projects or if you need a fast and easy tool to edit them.


The options available in this first release are:

Rotate 90, 180, 270.
Changing of size per % or by your own size.
Grey Scale.
Sepia Tone.
Sharpen. (Mixing this effect with the Sepia Tone, you age your pictures)
Add your watermark or logo.
Add Text watermark to write your url for example.
AutoText watermark.
Desktop snapshot.
And handle your pictures: Change among formats (bmp, jpg, lbm, png), delete, rename, copy, move, make drawer.

Available in the next languages:
1. Spanish. 2. English. 3. French. 4. Italiano. 5. German. 6. Greek.

This program is portable, you don't need install it, and it can run from an USB pen drive, etc.

New features:

1 . Desktop snapshot .
2. A.H.I.W. never more Sirena-AHIW, the program again with its first name.

Downloadable from: http://www.morguesoft.info or http://www.morguesoft.eu/

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