AmigaOneX1000 in Bad Bramstedt

Date 17-Aug-2012 4:23:55
Topic: Announcement

With an AmigaOneX1000 the Entwickler X and A-Eon will come to Bad Bramstedt in 2012.

We are very happy to announce that we, Developer X and A-Eon, are able to
present an AmigaOneX1000 during this year's performance by assistance of
a betatester.


The AmigaOneX1000 will be exhibited for three days. You can see and play
games of Entwickler X on an AmigaOne X1000. Furthermore test versions
of AbiWord 2.8, Gimp 2.6.11, and Andacious 3.2 will be presented due to the friendly
support of Edgar Schwan. These versions can be tested as well.

You may examine and test the system software of Amiga OS 4.1.5. In addition
we present the latest version of Timberwolf. The X1000 can be thoroughly tested
with the assistance of betatester Thomas Blatt. We are prepared to answer
to all your questions as far as we are allowed to do so.

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