Win with your Amiga playing Ami-Ingenious!

Date 19-Aug-2012 21:37:19
Topic: software OS4

As author some nice AmigaOs4 software
I want present my new production
this is computer version board game Ingenious.
In game you gain score by connecting similar pieces. Game is fast and colorfull
Rules are little unique but easy to learn and applicable all ages!

Click READ MORE for additional info:

You learn more about this game by searching web, some good links I add into manual.
Download game from OS4Depot
Game is donationware - undonated version display sometimes nag-screen.
More info in manual.

Even if game has very easy rules - this rules must be readed - do it before you ask me why game not work like you think!
Any question and opinion which can help me develop this game are welcome here.
Any donation and user interest (or no any interest) can increase develop this game or drop this project.

I want thanks Chris Handley (author of PortablE) for helping me coding this
game in PortablE language.
Thanks Tommy Sammy for great game icons!

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