2nd patch for Icaros Desktop: startup sound & easy config

Date 23-Aug-2012 21:48:31
Topic: software AROS

A new patch for Icaros Desktop 1.4.5 is available for download on www.icarosdesktop.org This update refreshes system files to 20th of August, introduces a system startup jingle, and adds the ability to backup and restore system settings with a single utility, FastConfig. There is also a little request to the community...


FastConfig can create archives of setting files from Envarc:, making configuration of AROS quite more simple. It's enough to follow a few steps to create a 'template' for a computer model and, afterwards, apply it to the same units. For instance, when FastConfig creates a 'hardware config pack' for the ACER AspireOne A150, any other AspireOne A150 can load the same settings and have network and audio instantly configured. Moreover, FastConfig backups the whole Env-Archive drawer for personal uses and customize hardware backups with user-selected files.

We ask the community for a little effort. Every one who can install AROS on real hardware and has a supported system, would make a great gift to everyone else by creating a simple 'hardware' backup with FastConfig. A simple and quick how-to in PDF format will be added by the patch to the Icaros documentation.

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