New version of Annotate released by OnyxSoft

Date 27-Aug-2012 21:47:10
Topic: Software News

OnyxSoft finally releases Annotate v3.0 after years of delay!

Annotate v3.0 - Text editor well suited for programming small or medium projects.

- Completely rewrote Ed Exchange so it can now be used along-side the editor windows as a quicklist of editors.

- Added the setting to have a scrollbar on the right side.

- Implemented different mark modes: Ann, Notepad, Quick where NotePad makes Annotate's selection of text behave like "normal" text editors.

- Annotate can now open on a custom screen with a chosen backdrop image, or on the frontmost public screen.

- Added find/replace history so you can use up/down arrow keys to navigate old searches.

Due to many reasons Ann v3 has been delayed at least a year. I lost the will to code, Stefan lost the time to make the MOS port work (and it still doesn't), other stuff got in the way (MUI-OWB) etc. etc., but here it is anyway!

NOTE: This is the same version as the auto-update that has been out for a while now. Nothing new.

If you see a bug or have a suggestion, please don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail!

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