G5 to make first public appearance at Macworld CreativePro

Date 9-Jul-2003 10:19:49
Topic: Hardware News

After unveiling the G5 Power Mac to developers at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) late last month, Apple revealed today that the machines would make their first public appearance at Macworld CreativePro. The tradeshow takes place from July 14-18, 2003 at New York City's Javits Center.

The G5 garnered praise from developers and analysts following its introduction for the speed and price the new Power Mac offered consumers. Apple gave its customers and developers a new processor based on IBM's 970, but more importantly they gave the machine a completely new architecture.

The Power Mac G5 offers software and hardware developers a lot to work with in future projects. The 64-bit microprocessor features full support for 32-bit applications, and sports a massively parallel architecture that can handle 215 simultaneous in-flight instructions, features two double-precision floating-point units and an optimized Velocity Engine. The chips are also designed for full support of symmetric multi-processing (SMP).

The G5s will not have the recently introduced Developer release of Mac OS X (news - web sites) Panther, but will have the latest Jaguar release on them instead.

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