The Cat is out of the Box...(NoYellow v2.0)

Date 7-Sep-2012 19:46:48
Topic: software OS4

No more gurus you can't click away.....

Download NoYellow now, its on the upload queue at


Download here:

NoYellow stops yellow guru mediations.

This file consists of two hacks nodisplayalert and noalert

noalert stops exec.library/alert from displaying,
nodisplayalert stops intuition.library/displayalert from displaying.

noalert redirect to readable ringhio messages. The hex error code is translated so humans can read it.
noalert tries to identify the task or process not just print task address. If the task really is a process it will look for last command executed from the shell
window. noalert does not recover errors it only intercept the exec.library alert function. You can run noalert in two ways, suspend all tasks, or ignore and continue all tasks. (there is no white list or black list)

nodisplayalert redirects to reaction requestor.

etch of commands have some options check out --help for more information

To install add these lines to s:user-startup:

run >NIL: c:noalert.elf
run >NIL: c:nodisplayalert.elf

License: Freeware
Use it as you like, but do not distribute it without the ReadMe file.


Version 2.0


* renamed noyellow.exe renamed noalert.elf
* Improved error filtering and error messages
* process name detection might have improved


* Redirect DisplayAlert to Reaction Requestor

Version 1.0

* First version only for Exec/Alert

Best Regards
Kjetil Hvalstrand

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