AmiDARK 2D Engine BETA release 0.6 Available!

Date 9-Sep-2012 18:03:21
Topic: Software News


I'm proud to announce to you the availability of the 1st public beta release of the AmiDARK Engine in it's "2D Only" version. The engine is now enough "complete" and "strong" to allow you to create 2D games with ease under C & C++.

If you want to know what's new since the last 0.5 release in January 2012, Jump here :


Files were submitted to and, but waiting for their release. In the meantime here is a direct link for you to Download them :
AmigaOS 4:

As usual, this release is limited to some minutes running executable.
Donators that supported me will receive soon a special private version with no limitations.

I hope you'll enjoy create video games with the AmiDARK 2D Engine.

Kindest Regards,

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