SysMon v2.0 : new release on OS4Depot

Date 26-Sep-2012 16:45:07
Topic: software OS4

I just upload on OS4Depot a new version of SysMon on


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In this v2.0 release :

-Fix auto-refresh issue who freezed SysMon each second

-Spanish Catalog by Javier de las Rivas (thanks you Javier and, of course,
Thomas for the spanish catalog flag)

-Add a new ToolType "AUTOREFRESH" to set the interval (integer number) of
Auto-refresh (1 second by default if AUTOREFRESH is not set or invalid)

-Registered on AmiUpdate repository with autoinstall script

-New MUI AboutBox windows (thanks Kas1e for the MUI include)
Therefore SysMon must no more be compatible with AmigaOS 4.1.2 and below (just
tested on AmigaOS 4.1.5)

-I don't know why but it seems that during a cold start if SysMon (with
auto-refresh) and a program, for example SimpleMail, who resides in a SFS/0
volume are launched at the same time, SysMon fails with DSI.
If the program (SimpleMail) is launched from a SFS/2 volume, it works.

If somebody could give me some clues to find :
-why the NList vertical scroll bar does just refresh when the mouse button is
released ?
-how to localize the title of the AboutBox window (Aboutbox.mcc class) and the
"OK" button ?
it will be nice :)

Guillaume 'zzd10h' Boesel

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