Audio Evolution 4 demo released!

Date 9-Jul-2003 17:12:31
Topic: Software News

After two years of hard work, today we present you the release
of the 68k demo of Audio Evolution 4!
AE4 is a major update to AE3 and will be released for OS4/PPC.

Some of the new features:

- Non-linear and non-destructive editing on the time line, including cut, copy, paste, move, split, trim and crossfade actions
- Unlimited undo
- Many grid options to align regions
- Improved automation editing on the time line
- Record automation events during playback by mouse or MIDI remote
- Track height adjustment and higher quality waveform display
- Metronome with freely adjustable time signature
- Control the mixer and transport controls remotely with external MIDI hardware
- Native OS4 effect plug-ins with realtime parameter control, automation and metering
- New plug-ins, including a new compressor, chorus, ducking delay and sound replacer
- WAV import
- 'Repeat region' functionality with intervals
- Automatic regionize with export of timecode list to BurnIt
- ARexx interface
- Communicate and synchronize with other applications (like B&P) easily through the Master Control Bus (OS4 only)
- Enhanced look and feel. All imagery can be changed by the user.
- Experimental Dolby Pro Logic encoder
- Brand new manual in HTML and PDF formats
- Many more smaller improvements and bug fixes

Please download and try out the demo from !
Any suggestions, questions and bug reports are welcome.

Davy Wentzler
Audio Evolution

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