IntuitionBase's 'Best of the Amiga' Contest

Date 28-Oct-2012 15:15:57
Topic: Internet News

At AmiWest 2012 this year a few of us decided that it would be nice if IntuitionBase had a contest to select software that could be considered the 'Best of the Amiga' platform. So that's exactly what we're going to do. Over the next few weeks we'll be polling here and at other sites on what you think the best Amiga software out there is in the following categories, starting this week with the best graphics tools for your NG Amiga:

Week One
* Best Paint Program
* Best Image Editor
* Best 3D Graphics Package

Week Two
* Best Audio Program
* Best Music Tracker
* Best Video Tool

Week Three
* Best Text Editor
* Best Internet Utility
* Best Web Browser
* Best Office Program

Week Four
* Best Role-Playing Game
* Best Platform Game
* Best FPS Game
* Best Original Game

So be on the lookout for the threads here at AWN, get your votes in early, and discuss with fellow Amigans the best programs to run on your next-generation Amiga computer. The nominees will be chosen by IntuitionBase editors from our list of OS3 and OS4-compatible software, but the winners are up to you!

Hey, it's about time we had something fun to fight over for a change!

-- eliyahu

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