FastATA 4000 MK-VI CF/SATA: new BootROM ver. 7.0

Date 30-Oct-2012 14:08:27
Topic: hardware Classic

ELBOX COMPUTER is pleased to announce that the FastATA 4000 MK-VI CF/SATA controllers are now shipped with the new BootROM (ver.7.0). New BootROM was developed in order to ensure full compatibility with AmigaOS 4.1.

About FastATA 4000 MK-VI CF/SATA
With the FastATA 4000 MK-VI CF/SATA controller you can now take advantage of the latest low-cost, high-capacity and fast SATA/ATA/EIDE devices like hard drives, Solid State drives (SSD), Compact Flash cards, DVD drives, CD-RW drives, CD-ROM drives, ZIP drives, etc.

The FastATA 4000 MK-VI CF/SATA is designed to simultaneously use up to four devices: one Compact Flash card, one SATA drive and two to four PATA devices. The number of simultaneously used Compact Flash cards or SATA drives may be increased with additional adapters up to the total number of all connected devices of four.

Fast transfer rate of up to 16.6MB/s
Supports PIO-0, PIO-3, PIO-4 and PIO-5 modes
Compatible with ATA 33/66/100/133 and SATA devices
Adds two buffered and terminated ports for 4 devices
LBA 48 support in the onboard BootROM (support of drives over 128GB)
Automatically configured devices
Compatibility with OS3.x and OS4.x
Boots from any attached HDD, SSD, CompactFlash, ZIP or LS-120

Package contents:
Fast ATA 4000 MK-VI CF/SATA Zorro III card with SATA and CompactFlash adapters
Floppy disk with AllegroCDFS, FastATA software pack and User's Manual
46-cm 80-wire ATA-66/100/133 cable

For more info, see:
FastATA 4000 MK-VI CF/SATA page for customers from the European Union,
FastATA 4000 MK-VI CF/SATA page for customers from other countries.

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