TVNorden bringing Amiga content on Satellite, IP-TV and WEB in Europe

Date 31-Oct-2012 0:16:05
Topic: Miscellaneous News

Hello Amigans in red, blue and black!

TV Norden is a new tv-channel, that is already broadcastin on WEB, Later, this channel will be on Satellite and IP-TV/Cable-TV networks in all of Europe.

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What does this TV channel offer, that other doesn't?

- Amiga Demos
- Reports from Amiga Events
- Demoscene party showings
- Focus on retro machines in all sorts
- Gaming on all sorts of platforms
- Movies and short movies
- Musicvideos of unknown and known artists
- Series with sci-fi, adventure and mystics
- News program that is done by viewers which contribute

Channel broadcasts 24 hours and is now for free to watch until 12th of November. Then the price will be 5 each month to watch the channel. Reason for this, is that we want the channel to only have commercials between programs, and no interruptions.

We want to change Europes TV experience. We feel that its too much reality-tv and content that people are tired of. We believe that a channel like TV Norden can break this. Do you remember the times when Sky Channel and Super Channel was free for everyone? TV Norden wants to give everyone in Europe a service that entertain, but also educates and inform people.

Hope to see you on TV Norden. Worlds Only channel that broadcasts Amiga demos in 2012, because We Love IT!

Michal Bergseth

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