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Date 1-Nov-2012 13:51:16
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The following articles have been added to the website of the french Amiga/MorphOS magazine Obligement ( ) during the last two months :


- September/October 2012 news.
- News: insights about the Amiga in 2012.
- Old articles from A-News 13 to 16: Review of KindWords 2, File: voice synthesis, Report: World Of Commodore Show 1989, Review of Kick Off, File : video titler, Hardware: A590, Hardware: LUCAS 68020, Review of Sculpt-Animate 4Dn etc.
- Report: Amigāteries 2011.
- Interview with Yannick Buchy (webmaster of
- Interview with Aaron Digulla (coordinator of AROS, from december 2006).
- Point of view: hardware projects on Amiga.
- Review of Amiga Forever 2012.
- Review of Hurrican.
- Review of Wild Streets.
- Review of Thundercats.
- Review of Curse Of Enchantia.
- Review of The Colonel's Bequest.
- Hardware: reflash of graphic cards in order to you it on Mac/MorphOS (update).
- File: Amiga history, year 1999 (update).
- File: Amiga shoot'em ups (1991).
- File: Amiga shoot'em ups (1992).
- Tutorial: Imagine 3D - creation of a simple asteroid.
- Tutorial: utilisation of GMail with SimpleMail and YAM (update).
- Tutorial: presentation and utilisation of Amiga911 Maker (update).

Article in english:
- Tutorial: utilization and configuration of Amiga911 Maker 1.54.

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