SysMon v2.4 released

Date 7-Nov-2012 21:53:04
Topic: software OS4

I have just uploaded a new release (2.4) of my little app SysMon (MUI System monitor) on OS4Depot

In this release :


- Add Graphic driver version in the OS part of System tab (with others OS library versions).

- Add of support of navigation with tab key (thank you Samir to notice me this oversight).

- Add Libraries Tab to show the libraries which have been loaded by the system.

- Add ToolType AUTOLIBRARY (ON/OFF), default OFF, to auto-refresh this tab at startup.

- Add Benchmark Tab (thank you Crisot to allow me to use your program, and K-L for the idea). This tab uses RageMem v0.37 (to install separately) from Crisot.

During the execution of RageMem it's normal that your Amiga be freezed.
The results of your Amiga will be showed on the right side of the tab. The results are just 'for fun' and may not be accurate for recents hardware like Sam460 and X1000 !

RageMem is searched in APPDIR:RageMem, if you have just installed RageMem and never run it, you can specify his Path in the ToolType RAGEMEM_PATH.

- Add of shortcuts to select choices in the requesters (thank Samir for the idea and many thanks to Gazelle for the solution).

- Add of INTERFACE ToolType to allow to choose a TCPIP interface, if SysMon is not able to determine it (if not just 1 interface, SysMon can choose the bad one)

- And thank again to all the translators :)

Thank by advance for your feedback

Guillaume 'zzd10h' Boesel

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