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Date 9-Nov-2012 23:05:39
Topic: News

We have just released some new themes for your workbench.

Link to all available Themes:

Click the READ MORE button for a description of the new ones:

Default LightUp
A try to make the Default theme of OS4.1 a little bit brighter with less contrast between content and borders of controls but without breaking down the concept of the original theme (gradients from dark to light, blue and gray Colors). Try both, the new one and the Default to see what happens, on the first look into it there are just minor changes, but we think you see the difference and the idea behind.

Download and more Screens:

Modern Dark
Here we tried to make a dark theme, just to look how the workbench feels if it is in this style. (a Problem at now is the missing MUI Settings, Looks bad there.. perhaps one one can make a config ?)

Download and more Screens:

Blue Accent
This theme is available in 4 frame Colors (dark blue, dark gray, light blue, light gray). Light colors for the content area and a decent blue accent around the controls, using bitmap gfx for buttons and scrollbars for the first time ;) More color schemes follow. Both Images here from the dark Versions, other Colors are included in the theme as own config.

Download and more Screens:

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