SysMon 2.5 and FastLHA, ZIP, LZX 1.0 released

Date 23-Nov-2012 22:14:50
Topic: software OS4

I have just uploaded a new release (2.5) of my little app SysMon (MUI System monitor) on OS4Depot.

I have uploaded, too, a set of tools to compress files quickly from AmiDock or Right Mouse Button (Workbench contextual menu).


These tools are:

Examples screenshots for AmiDock use and Contextual menu use.

1) In release 2.5 of SysMon :

-Add of RageMem in the Data/RageMem directory.
No more need to download it especially for SysMon (thanks Crisot)

-MUI interface reworked to allow to resize better the window
(thanks Kas1e for the idea)

-Add of requester to allow to choose the network interface at startup
in case of multiples network interface
(thanks Kas1e for the idea & for the tests)

-Add of a new icon from Frank 'Cha05e90' Ruthe in the Data/Cha05e90 drawer. To use this one, you need to install the info datatype
Thank you, Frank

-Fix a bug in case of multiple graphic cards (bad graphic library displayed and bad entries in System graphic cards Nlist)

-Fix a bug in the network counter if more than 4gb of data are downloaded

2) For FastLHA, FastLZX and FastZIP :
The principle of these tools are to compress with the minimum of clicks the selected files.

See the README.TXT and the grabs included in the differents archives to have more explanations of how to use them (and especially how to include them in the contextual menus)

Thanks to :
-Thomas 'TommySammy' Blatt for the icon/png, german translation and tests
-Samir 'Samo79' Hawamdeh for the tests, advices and italian translation
-Javier de las Rivas for spanish translation and tests (thank you Colin, too)
-Anthony 'Phantom' Iliakis for the greek translation
-Urban 'Niolator' ┼hlin for the swedisch translation
-Tony 'Sinisrus' Canazza for the initials icon/png
-Jesus 'YesCop' Fernandez for tests and advices

And thank, by advance, for feedbacks
Guillaume 'zzd10h" Boesel

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