7boings - play mixed tetris and sudoku

Date 25-Nov-2012 18:14:11
Topic: software OS4

What AmigaOS games are the best? I thought about it and figured that must be games with boing balls, so I have created a new small puzzle game called 7boings designed for us to spend time with our amiga computers.


In this game you need to drop numbered balls to create continuous lines and if the number on ball math line match then balls are removed from playfield. Detailed rules are described in game manual.

Here is a screenshot:

Download game from OS4Depot

Any comments and/or donations for this project are welcome - it can help me decide to continue work and add some features to it or drop it and try develop other software. Thanks to Chris Handley, for his hard work on improving PortablE language to be able handle my code. Also, thanks Tommy Sammy - icon creator.

Enjoy playing!

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