New site dedicated to developers of all camps

Date 3-Dec-2012 19:51:36
Topic: Announcement

You find the site under:

I want to describe shortly what I think this site should be about and the rules.


First I think the situation is that it is very difficult for programmers who want to start programming (be it Amigans or developers that want to start to support one or all Amiga platforms to get information. Information is split on different special sites or even lost (like UtilityBase). But these special sites are mostly dedicated to only one platform and there is no central resource anymore covering all platforms. There is also no platform covering all platforms where programmers can discuss without the typical discussions.

So I think this site should be:
- Neutral, covering all platforms. Emotional discussions with phrases like "True", "done right" will be stopped by moderation (for that there are already enough sites).
- Resource for programmers and people interested in programming/development.
- Supporting communication between programmers and collaboration between all camps.
- Any insulting comments will be deleted without any comment.

There are parts of UtilityBase in web left:

I would like to ask the people who have contributed to UtilityBase in the past to add their information on this site (to save them). I cannot do it myself.

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