JackCharts now available cross-platform

Date 7-Dec-2012 18:47:58
Topic: Software News

JackCharts is now available cross-platform for the following platforms:

AmigaOS - ( Free Download )
Mac OS X (10.5 and above) - £3.00 UK, £3.50 Overseas
Windows XP/7/8 - £3.00 UK, £3.50 Overseas

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JackCharts will soon be available for the following platforms:


JackCharts is a great application that allows you to preview listen to ‘Chart music’ on the Apple iStore. So why not just use the Apple iTunes? Unlike the iStore JackCharts allows you to retrieve chart music information from any Country that Apple supports. JackCharts will even let you watch music videos from across the globe.

DJs will love JackCharts, for example if you live in the UK with JackCharts you can find out and listen to the chart music that the americans are listening to. DJs working abroad can use JackCharts to find out what is riding high in the Charts at home or aboard. Listening to chart music from around the world has never been easier.

You can purchase* JackCharts from here:


* Credit/Debit card processing is for provided for UK Customers Only (currently unavailable, see website notice, fingers crossed up and running by next week). International/Overseas/PayPal Customers can purchase JackCharts via PayPal, an additional 50p charge is applicable for anyone choosing to pay this way.

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