G.E.M.Z v1.1 for all amiga flavors

Date 8-Dec-2012 16:09:10
Topic: Announcement

We are glad to announce the release of G.E.M.Z v1.1 for all Amiga flavored OS and mainstream OS's.

What is G.E.M.Z?
It is a unique Puzzler.
You have to solve a number of puzzles to escape from the G.E.M.Z. dimension and free Esmeralda.

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The game comes with five difficulty levels:
Easy : 16 levels
Normal : 36 levels
Hard : 49 levels
Insane : 81 levels
Madness : 169 levels

Original Gameplay
Original soundtrack (about 43 minutes)
Hundreds of randomly generated levels for hours of pure fun
Scalable graphics to run smoothless on slow cpus or old computers
Can run windowed or fullscreen
Addictive Gameplay

A demo version is available at the game site with a limited play time of five minutes.

Windows (7, Vista, XP)
MacOSX PPC and Intel (OSX 10.4 or greater)
AROS i386
Linux (i386 and PPC)

Fabio Falcucci : info@a-mc.biz
Pascal Papara : www.ares-shop.de www.indiego-gaming.com www.aeros-os.org
G.E.M.Z. Site : http://gemz.a-mc.biz/



What is new in v1.1?

-Got several FPS increase in all scenes for the High and Medium detail levels.
-Huge speed up in the Play screen rendering +35% for High and Medium detail levels.
-Fullscreen message was corrected for Amiga, OSX and MorphOS systems (alt/cmd/amiga+enter)
-Now it's possible to turn on/off the music in the main screen and in the pause screen, this setting will be saved for the next sessions
-During language selection the you may change the details level which will be remembered for the next game sessions.
-Added Swedish and Japanese translations, fixed english translation.
-Corrected the sprite layers order in LOW and MIN settings.
-Now all musics are encoded using OggVorbis/128Kb, this means that the
game size is now around 130Mb (depending on the version), MacOSX PPC
is still 480Mb because a bug we are trying to resolve.
-Speed up in game matrix initial rendering, madness level rendering is
much faster now.
-Reduced 20% SoundFX volume.


For the demo version and more info visit ≈For the demo version and more info visit www.gemz.a-mc.biz

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