Debug 101 - first class debugger for OS 4.1

Date 11-Dec-2012 23:11:09
Topic: software OS4

Debug 101 v. 1.0.0 by Alfkil has been released!

Debug 101 at

Db101 is a source level debugger for os4.1. It can do many of the same tasks as GDB, but has a nice reaction gui and an Arexx port.

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This is a big update, with completely revamped gui and a lot of cool features added:

- Interpretation of structs, unions and enums
- added "detach" function from detached mode
- added "signals" window
- added posibility to set breakpoints at symbols and absolute addresses
- added step into and step out
- added ability to hexview any part of memory

Thanks to kas1e and NinjaDNA for testing.

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