Commercial AmigaOS - MorphOS - AROS Developers Join Project Metropolis Free!

Date 17-Dec-2012 20:09:45
Topic: Announcement

Now every Commercial AmigaOS, MorphOS, and AROS Developer can be famous for more than 15 minutes!

Welcome to the "Unified Future" of buying all your Amiga OS4.x, MorphOS, AROS, and Classic Amiga Commercial applications in one place.

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For the next 72 Hours we are waving the $39.96 yearly fee to join Project Metropolis. What is Project Metropolis? It's a App Based Instant Download Application Storefront for Amiga OS 4.x, MorphOS, AROS, and Classic Amiga. We will not only sell our own applications there, we will sell 3rd party programs as well. A very generous revenue share has been setup for the developer and is paid monthly.

3rd Party developer gets 70%

DiscreetFX gets 30%

The application approval process is very easy and the market will decide which Apps are good or bad, not DiscreetFX. Now, finally customers will have a central place to buy and Instantly Download their Amiga OS 4.x, MorphOS, AROS, and Classic Amiga Apps. Developers can focus on creating their great applications and even games, then be confident users will actually see them since there will be a quick cloud based solution for customers to buy them.

If you are a commercial developer and want join for free please contact us by using the link below. Please hurry because this offer is only free for the next 72 hours.

Great developers and DiscreetFX partnering together is what will make this a fantastic success. Put "Free Project Metropolis Offer" in the subject of your e-mail to us.


Project Metropolis Website

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