SysMon 2.6 and FastCompress 1.1 (FastLHA,ZIP,LZX,7z) released

Date 18-Dec-2012 19:48:54
Topic: software OS4

I have just uploaded a new release (2.6) of my little app SysMon (MUI System monitor) on OS4Depot.

I have uploaded, too, a new package with an installer , FastCompress including my 4 previous Fastxxx compress tools.

1) In release 2.6 of SysMon :

-Remove of to determinate the external IP address
Now, SysMon uses a PHP script hosted by (thanks K-L)

-Fix some graphical glitches during swap of tabs

-Add of "MUI..." submenu to access SysMon MUI settings

-Fix the button's shortcuts by replacing KeyButton by SimpleButton (thanks

2) FastCompress

The principle of these tools are to compress with the minimum of clicks the selected files.

This package replaces the 4 individual packages FastLHA, FastZIP, FastLZX and
Fast7z v1.0

The tools are installable with a standard installer (FastCompress_Installer)
who allows you :

-to copy the desired FastTools into a drectory
The LZX.keyfile will be copied in L: drawer only if no LZX.keyfile is present.

-to integrate them in your ContextualMenus (optional)

In v1.1,

-Add of a new ToolType DEST_DIR to specify a fixed output directory or volume
(idea of Anthony 'Phantom' Iliakis) except for Fast7z

-Add of "MUI..." submenu to access Fastxxx MUI settings

-Fix the button's shortcuts by replacing KeyButton by SimpleButton (thanks

See README.TXT included in each tools drawers for more infos.

Thanks to :
-Thomas 'TommySammy' Blatt for the icon/png, german translation and tests
-Samir 'Samo79' Hawamdeh for the tests, advices and italian translation
-Javier de las Rivas for spanish translation and tests (thank you Colin, too)
-Anthony 'Phantom' Iliakis for the greek translation
-Urban 'Niolator' ┼hlin for the swedisch translation
-Tony 'Sinisrus' Canazza for the initials icon/png
-Jesus 'YesCop' Fernandez for tests and advices

And thanks, by advance, for feedbacks
Guillaume 'zzd10h" Boesel

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