New game "Ask Me Up"

Date 18-Dec-2012 19:50:20
Topic: software MorphOS

Ask Me Up available on MorphOS.

Ask Me Up is now available for MorphOS computers.

Ask Me Up is a video game about general knowledge. The principle is quite simple: 1 question, 4 possible answers ... Choose the right one! You face the computer on a series of 10 questions. Answer quickly and efficiently to earn points and win medals that allow you to unlock new questions. A "dual" mode is available in L and XL editions: two players compete in turn on the same set of questions.

More details on

You can download a demo including 80 questions here or there.

The game has been updated on AmigaOS 4 (1.0.3).
The game is also available on Android, Linux and Windows devices.

Ask Me Up, now you know!

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