Santa's Monster Shootout - Merry Christmas from (EntwicklerX)

Date 21-Dec-2012 22:00:56
Topic: Software News

We wish the Amiga community a Merry Christmas!

The game is free, for an entry into the online leader board, a account required.

There is a configuration tool, where you can set full screen, screen resolution and vSync to obtain the best possible gaming experience.
Our Sam440 with Radeon 9250 - 800x600 at 30FPS, Sam460 with HD5450 - 1920x1080 around 30FPS, faster graphics cards also provide 60fps at any resolution.
Activation of vSync is recommended to get smooth scrolling (vSync off, just to test the speed of the graphics card).

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Thanks to all who supported us by purchasing our games, that ensures continuous development.

For 2013 many publications for AmigaOS4.x are planned, which are currently in development. Step by Step we are rising the quality and size of our projects to get the best of your NG Amiga.

Have fun while playing !


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