SimpleMail 0.39 and YAM 2.8 Released

Date 25-Dec-2012 1:20:18
Topic: Software News

Earlier today the SimpleMail development team released version 0.39 of the IMAP4 Amiga mailer. Supporting AmigaOS 3.x and AmigaOS 4.x systems the new version includes the following changes:

* Enhancement: Filter rules may be created now from attributes common in multiple mails
* Enhancement: Supports ATTACHMENT/K/M argument for both the command line and the MAILWRITE ARexx command
* Enhancement: Included more translations
* Bug fix: Fixed memory leak.
* Bug fix: Various multi selection problems

Additionally the YAM team has released version 2.8 of the venerable POP3-only mail client. A new identity system, performance improvements, and bug fixes are only some of the changes in this major release.

Grab SimpleMail 0.39 or YAM 2.8 today!

-- eliyahu

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