Digital Universe 1.7 - Update available

Date 26-Dec-2012 12:06:31
Topic: software OS4

Merry Christmas.

After a long while existing users of Digital Universe v1.6 can finally update it to v1.7.

To do this go to and click the "Install Files" link. To access the next page you will require to login using your name which is case sensitive and is your real name without spaces, and your DU Registration number is the password.

UID example, John Smith would login as JohnSmith.

The password is not case sensitive and can be with or without the spaces between the numbers.

Click the appropriate link to download the update.

The web page will still state "Coming Soon - Digital Universe version 1.7" as I have still to prepare the ISO download for new users. Likewise the Ordering details will not be available until the standalone ISO is ready.

Important Note: Some users bought Digital Universe direct from the Syzygy website rather than my Digital Universe site. In order for me to add their login details then they need to use the "Contact Us" link at Also any user unsure of their UID or wishing to change it to something else can also contact me as above.

Several Extra Large planetary feature maps will be available soon as a seperate file.

A list of the main bugfixes, new features etc. since version 1.6 can be found at
version 17 history

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