AmiDARK Engine Rel0.7

Date 30-Dec-2012 14:19:37
Topic: Software News

2012 is now nearly over and to celebrate this, I decided to release a new version of the AmiDARK 2D Engine.

This new release allors the MorphOS version to be "up to date" again with the latest changes made to the engine.
Now both AmigaOS4 & MorphOS version are uptodate to 0.7.
Concerning request for an AROS version. Some needed library still missing in AROS SDK. When these libraries will be available in various AROS versions SDK, I will try to adapt the AmiDARK Engine to these AROS build.

Many changes were made between release 0.6r2. Especially concerning hidden BITMAP that can now allow to precalculate SPRITES, IMAGES & TEXTURES.

Here is the detail of all changes made :
- Changed the folder structures for shorter folders names.
- Added a new sample from DarkBASIC Professional that uses memblock to manipulate images.
- Thank you to stefkos from that provided me a FTGL build for MorphOS.
- Added used libraries (freetype & FTGL) with their original archives and readme into the MorphOS release.
- Changed the SDK folder structure to fit what we have in MorphOS SDK:
- Fixed function DEBoxEx to draw fully filled boxes.
- Fixed several Basic2D functions. Now, all Basic2D Functions works properly.
- Included the Ghost sample again. Modified and updated.
- Added DEGetBitmapPtr & DEGetBitmapPtrEx functions for direct pixels reading/writing.
- Multi Camera sample available again.
- Fixed a bug that can cause flickering on pasted images.
- Added to DEGetImage & DEGetImageEx functions, the capability to grab images from Bitmap.
- Added to DEPasteImage & DEPasteImageEx function, the capability to paste images directly to bitmaps.
- Fixed the transparency handler for DEGetImage & DEGetImageEx
- Added a new sample showing how to use DEGetImage & DEGetImageEx functions.
- Fixed DEReadString.
- Fixed functions DEScancode() to return same values than DarkBASIC Professional.
- Added the function DEAScancode() that return the values GLUT gives.
- Fixed internal GLUT keyboard function to not lock on the last pressed key.
- Fixed a bug in DELightPosition that resetted the light type ID.
- Added a new sample to show basics on how to use 3D Lights.
- Added a new sample "Wobble" from DarkBASIC Pro collection that manipulate images using memblocks.
- Added sample to show how to load an play a .MOD music.
- Known issue that make sound not work properly. May be fixed in next release.
- Fixed the FTGL use to output text. Texts are now outputted correctly.
- Fixed DEMid function. Modified it to be compatible with DarkBASIC Professional
- Added DEMidEx function that is the old DEMid fixed/
- Fixed DESpace function.
- Fixed DEUpper & DELower function.
- Added sample to show the use of text commands.

- Sprites backdrop is not correctly refreshed.
- Sound playing functions does not output any audio.

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