AmiKit, the high-end Amiga on your PC, has been updated!

Date 31-Dec-2012 2:23:59
Topic: software Classic

AmiKit, the high-end distribution of the best classic Amiga software running on Windows, Linux or Mac, has been updated. The new 1.6.4 update contains recently released software updates and patches. Thanks for your support and Happy New Year!

Key features of AmiKit:

- full & exclusive applications included
- compact visual and functional design
- three different working environments: Magellan, Scalos, Workbench
- automatic Live Updates that keep your AmiKit always fresh and up to date!
- true type fonts, DualPNG icons and 24bit visual themes
- easy and fully automated installation and un-installation
- various add-ons - games package, expert programs, etc.
- and much more...

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For more information and free download please visit AmiKit homepage.

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