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Date 1-Jan-2013 17:00:11
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The following articles have been added to the website of the french Amiga/MorphOS magazine Obligement ( during the last two months :

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- November/December 2012 news.
- Old articles from A-News 17 to 20: Report: Amiga '89 Cologne, File: MIDI interfaces, File: Lamer Exterminator virus, Review of Musical Enlightment 1.4, Review of HiSoft Basic, Hardware: A-Max, Review of ARexx 1.10, Review of Digi-Paint 3.0, etc.
- Interview with Jonathan Potter (author of Directory Opus).
- Hardware: Turbo Chameleon 64.
- Hardware: ACA 1231.
- Hardware: ARM controller for Minimig.
- Review of Dragon Ninja.
- Review of Tower Of Babel.
- Review of Savage.
- Review of Yo! Joe!.
- Review of Globdule.
- File: Commodore monitors.
- File: Amiga shoot'em ups (1993).
- File: Amiga shoot'em ups (1994).
- Tutorial: optimization of RunInUAE, ScummVM et DOSBox on AmigaOS 4.
- Tutorial: Photogenics - draw streaks.
- Tutorial: create a video game with Backbone.
- Tutorial: switch from a CRT monitor to a LCD/TFT/LED monitor on AmigaOS 4.
- Special quizz about the first name of Amiga software and hardware.

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