AbiWord 2.8.6 for AmiCygnix released

Date 5-Jan-2013 16:51:49
Topic: software OS4

A new release of AbiWord is now available on OS4-Depot.

New in this release:

  • New version 2.8.6 with many new features compared to the last version 2.6.2.
  • Gnumeric spreadsheets can now be embedded into an AbiWord document. You can load and edit existing spreadsheets or create new ones. Gnumeric 1.10.17 is integrated into AbiWord for this. You don't need to install the standalone package of Gnumeric!
  • With the new plugin "OpenXML" you can now load and save documents in .docx format (MS Word 2007+).
  • Compiled with GTK+ 2.24.
  • Several bugfixes.

  • General features of AbiWord:

  • Outstanding file import and export, with support for MS Word, WordPerfect, OpenOffice, OpenDocument and more
  • Unlimited undo and redo capacity
  • Solid (X)HTML export, with CSS styles support
  • Images
  • Spelling support, with optional underlining. Supported spelling systems: ispell, aspell and myspell.
  • Bullets and Lists
  • Styles
  • Table of Contents generation and customization through the Stylist
  • Complete, intuitive revisions-tracking support
  • Nested tables support, nearly unmatched in the field
  • Mail merge
  • Bidirectional text support
  • Command-line and server use modes for document processing capabilities
  • HTML online help files are included (English, French, Polish)

  • and much more...

    A German and English dictionary is included. The aspell dictionaries available on os4-depot are still working.

    Download: abiword.lha
    Homepage: http://www.abisource.com

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