WordNet 3.5 released

Date 8-Jan-2013 16:02:18
Topic: software OS4

A new version of the popular English dictionary WordNet has been released. This is a recommended update - see below for a list of changes and new features. Get the program from OS4depot!

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- NEW: Database files updated to the latest Princeton release, adding about 180 new words and phrases. The databases now also take up less disk space.
- NEW: WordNet's Application Library interface now supports custom messages. Any registered application can send a message containing a word or a piece of text, and WordNet will try to look it up. This provides yet another way of external control, as well as an alternative to using the ARexx interface.
- NEW: Installer script.
- NEW: Program- and drawer icon by Thomas Blatt.
- UPDATE: Improved AmigaGuide help system. The documentation file now opens asynchronously and no longer blocks the program window. Pressing the Help key while in the Preferences window now opens the relevant chapter of the doc file.

For a complete history, see the "Release notes" section of the AmigaGuide manual.

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