ClipDown 3.4 Released - Supply URL on command line, 16 video sites added

Date 15-Jan-2013 14:59:58
Topic: software OS4

Version 3.4 adds the ability for ClipDown to be run from the command line while providing a URL to operate on via the "-u" option. This allows it to be used in context menus with Web Browsers. See the "Hints and Tips" section of the guide file for how to set up a context menu in MUIOWB.

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Version 3.4 also adds built-in support (no getvideo required) to play videos from 16 different websites including Facebook using the facilities made available by the "Flash Video Downloader" website. See the "Auto Action Sites" portion of the guide file for a full list of sites. An HTML file is provided in the archive which links to many sites that work with ClipDown.

See release notes below for full list of changes.

ClipDown is a utility that allows downloading, viewing, and playing HTPP: and FTP: URL's copied to the clipboard or supplied on the command line.

Version 3.4 (Released) contains the following changes:

Archive now includes an HTML file with links of many sites that work with ClipDown.

Added support for supplying URL on command line with -u option.
ClipDown can now be run from context menus such as from MUIOWB.

Added "-c xpos|ypos|width|height" option to control position and size of console window. (ie. -c 800/600/700/150 )

Added "CON_DIMENSIONS = xpos|ypos|width|height" tooltype to set position and size of console window. (ie. CON_DIMENSIONS = 800/600/700/150 )

Removed defaulting to SD Apple movie trailers for all selections. Now 480p,
720p and 1080p will play HD. iPod/iPhone will play 480x272 instead of 320x180.

Added .f4v as supported video format.

Added internal support for the follwoing sites: (GetVideo not required) (Click "Browse Station List" then pick station type. Links can be played.)

Adding support for the following sites via flash video downloader: (GetVideo not required.) (unsecured videos amd YouTube linked videos) (major league baseball)

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