VideoClipper v1.0 released on OS4Depot - Cut and join video files

Date 15-Jan-2013 15:01:14
Topic: software OS4

VideoClipper is a program for cutting and optionally joining various format video files while converting the files to a common format During converson several adjustments (Video Effects) can be made to the individual files. These effects include adjusting brightness, contrast, gamma. Additional effects include applying sharpness or blurring along with adjusting the speed (fast/slow motion) and rotation.

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VideoClipper uses mencoder to cut/join, convert and apply effects to the video files. In addition it uses mplayer or MUIMplayer to preview cuts and changes as well as view the results. These programs can be found at and must be installed for VideoClipper to work.

This program is provided without warranty and the author cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from the use of this program.

VideoClipper and are COPYRIGHT(c) 2013 by Kevin Taddeucci

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