Amiga Future: New Year - New Info

Date 18-Jan-2013 9:39:30
Topic: News

Just in time for New Year there's another major update to our Amiga Software Database (ASD) here at Amiga Future.

In the last few weeks we've added and edited several hundred entries, and nearly 1000 new scans.

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Almost 5000 scanned images of original software/application packaging, manuals, etc. are now included in more than 3700 entries of the database!
The next steps will include further additions of CD-ROMs, and (Cover-) Discs and Magazines, an estimated 2000 entries more will be available.

Enjoy viewing the largest database of application software and literature related to the Amiga!

By the way, issue 100 of the Amiga Future magazine is now available! It's ready and waiting for you to buy it at selected Amiga dealers or directly from our online shop.

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