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Date 18-Jan-2013 15:05:12
Topic: software OS4

FTP Server for AmigaOS4

What is it?
As the name implies, it is an ftp server for AmigaOS4.

Just copy the entire folder anywhere you want; and run the server from that

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There are two basic ways of starting the server: 1) Through its GUI; 2) Hidden
in the background. (If you want the server to start automatically when you boot
into OS4, you probably want to add "StartHidden" to your "Prefs/WBStartup".)

Use the GUI to set up your accounts (passwords and path access). Make sure the
server is running, and you should be able to access your files through a client.

This server has been confirmed to work well with the following clients:
FileZilla (Windows)---just make sure that maximum simultaneous transfers is set
to 1 (Edit/Settings/Transfers).
FireFTP (Windows/Firefox)
WinSCP (Windows)
Core FTP LE (Windows)
SmartFTP (Windows)
AndFTP (Android)
Solid Explorer (Android)
pFTP (Amiga)

*This server currently only supports passive mode (PASV) transfers.

A-FTP Download

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