AmiKit for Real Amiga Released

Date 28-Jan-2013 21:08:03
Topic: Software News

AmiKit, the high-end distribution of the best classic Amiga software, has been optimized for real AGA Amigas computers too! This conversion is unofficial and currently in beta, and is maintained by Retrofan. Your feedback is much appreciated. Enjoy!


Free download available at:

I've been working for a while to make a conversion of the great AmiKit for PC to run on a real Amiga just using 16 colours, and saving a lot of ram using also some patches.

I've had some help to achieve this, so I want to thank PeterK for his great icon.library, Bloodwych for his advice, Thomas (always there), Rebel_CD32 for his great palette, skins and others, Cammy, and also some beta testers (mates). And finally Emmanuel Dausse for letting me use his Workbench 2000 with my mods, and of course Jan of AmiKit for his great help and support to launch and make this possible.


And here you've got some photos:

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