AmiSystemRestore r1 beta6 released

Date 29-Jan-2013 18:33:05
Topic: software OS4

This is the 6th public beta of AmiSystemRestore:

* Windows can now remember their position & size!
* The main window no-longer briefly opens when the first restore point is created.
* It should write to the debug log (and nag you about it) rather less often!
* Soft links should be handled correctly again.
* Got rid of an puzzling error message, that was not obviously associated with AmiSystemRestore.

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As no stability problems have been reported (for more than a year of public use), I will probably be making it non-beta within the next few releases. Thank you to everyone who has tested it.

Downloading it:
You can download it from

Details of the changes:
* NEW: Windows can now remember their position & size! (Remember to snapshot them like any other MUI program.)
* CHG: The main window no-longer briefly opens when the first restore point is created!
* CHG: No-longer reports "recursion avoided" to the debug log.
* BUG: The destruction of soft links would sometimes incorrectly be interpreted as hard links.
* BUG: Fixed sometimes reporting an error, which was not clearly associated with AmiSystemRestore. The error message in question is this one: EXCEPTION: " ERR"; fileSize(); failed to obtain size of file (2).

What is AmiSystemRestore?
AmiSystemRestore aims to give AmigaOS4 a similar ability to Window's very useful System Restore. What it does is create Restore Points, which act as snapshots of your SYS: partition (where the OS is stored). If anything changes on your SYS: partition, then you can roll it back to the time of the snapshot.

Why would you want to undo changes to your SYS: partition? Well, if you install a new program (or update an existing one), you have no idea if any new libraries (or other changes) will have problems that may break existing programs. A badly written installer might even replace libraries (etc) with older versions!

AmiSystemRestore allows you to undo all recent changes (whether or not they were done by the installer), and return SYS: to an earlier point in time. Knowledgable users can be more selective about which changes are undone, with the warning that they need to know what they are doing!

If you are installing something using AmiUpdate or the official Installer system, then AmiSystemRestore will automatically create Restore Points for you (and Ringhio messages should notify you of this).

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